A glorious blu-ray release for one of the all-time great sci-fi movies

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(See above for some of our picks from the available collection.) A Los Angeles Public Library card comes with plenty of perks, but did you know that it also provides access to hundreds of movies from the Criterion Collection? Criterion has.

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Want to delve into the Criterion Collection but don’t know where to start? We’ve just introduced some changes that make sifting through the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus a lot less daunting.

Nov 01, 2016  · FilmStruck, the streaming service for "die-hard movie enthusiasts," launched today. The service is a joint venture between Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection meant to fill in.

Ken’s Note: As most cinephiles could tell you, July is one of the month that The Criterion Collection offers its semi-annual 50% off sale. Given the label’s array of titles, taking advantage of that sale can be daunting. I’ve asked friends and.

One story, three films, one Blu-ray disc. Excellent! Last night I finished my dive into the Criterion Collection‘s new Blu-ray release The Killers, which features two feature films and one short film, all adapted from the short story by Ernest.

1. Watching the Criterion Collection is an epic, life-changing project. From its silent-era underwater French documentaries to campy Andy Warhol horror films to Beastie Boys music videos and art-punk pictures like “Border Radio,” the.

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A few years ago, at the height of my Spinal Tap fetish, I found a bootleg video site selling a 6-hour version– 3 VHS tapes– of This is Spinal Tap. Of course, I hurriedly sent the guy the $60 he wanted for the treasured, coveted material. Imagine:.

In 1983 David Cronenberg’s strange, lyrical, and indelible Videodrome was released, and over 20 years later the question remains “What is Videodrome?” Following up the four films that cemented his reputation as the master of venereal.

Today The Criterion Collection announced what it will be serving up in June 2018.

A glorious blu-ray release for one of the all-time great sci-fi movies

It’s been a long time coming for these two classics, especially Night of the Living Dead after the ridiculously bad transfer.

The good news is that the Criterion Collection is partnering with Turner Classic Movies to create a new, classic-movie-focused streaming service called FilmStruck. That launches on October 19 with hundreds of great old movies, new.

Streaming Criterions is a self-updating list of all the Criterion films that are available to view via Netflix Instant Streaming.The site updates itself to reflect any recent changes made by Netflix, and also reflect any new movies being added to the Criterion Collection.

Turner and The Criterion Collection are collaborating to launch FilmStruck streaming service, which will cater to foreign, cult, indie, and arthouse tastes.

A list of 10 essential Criterion Collection titles you may not be aware are in the Collection.

Turner is getting in on the streaming-TV action with a paid service aimed at movie nerds.

A few years ago, at the height of my Spinal Tap fetish, I found a bootleg video site selling a 6-hour version– 3 VHS tapes– of This is Spinal Tap. Of course, I hurriedly sent the guy the $60 he wanted for the treasured, coveted material. Imagine:.

Feb 13, 2018  · This week’s new Blu-ray releases include two must-haves from the Criterion Collection: Silence of the Lambs and Night of the Living Dead. Plus: titles from Arrow Video and more.

Before the Criterion Collection came along, the idea of releasing a film in widescreen format or with a commentary track was silly. Consumers didn’t want that extra crap! Now every film eventually gets an overdone production full of extras,

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The Criterion Collection works its way through both a long list of canon classics.

Good news for the handful of you that subscribe to Hulu Plus (and live in the U.S.): there are now over 150 pristinely-restored, culturally-important Criterion films now available on the subscription service, with over 800 titles—everything in.

Working in the music/DVD room at my local Barnes & Noble indeed has its pros and cons. But perhaps the biggest struggle for us film geeks on the payroll is resisting the urge to blow through our wages the two times a year when the.

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After five years on Hulu Plus, the Criterion Collection will jump ship from the streaming service on November 11. The impeccably curated selection of films will be moving to FilmStruck, a new joint venture with Turner Classic Movies that.

Here at The A.V. Club, we recognize the realities of contemporary movie-watching, and so we try to keep you updated on what’s coming to and going from the major streaming services each month.

This is what one would call "a weekend killer." Hulu has the complete (or at least most, there’s a couple I couldn’t find) Criterion Collection up on its site for the weekend. Every decade since the 1920s is represented including classics like.

(Welcome to Not Dead Yet, a feature dedicated to new Blu-ray releases and what special features you should be.

(Editor’s Note: This survey is presented in partnership with FilmStruck. Developed and managed by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in collaboration with the Criterion Collection, FilmStruck features the largest streaming library of contemporary.

It took The Criterion Collection 15 years to get The Apu Trilogy, but they are still hopeful for other finds from the country The timing for a week-long workshop on film preservation in Chennai couldn’t have been more ironic. A strike had prevented.

Jan 17, 2017  · Blu-ray review for Criterion Collection’s The Red Shoes by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, starring Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook, Marius Goring.

The Criterion Collection is a fantastic, continuing series of important films released across the history of cinema. From influential classics to contemporary masterpieces, the Criterion Collection creates definitive editions of films for.