Difference Between Ceramics And Pottery Here to help ensure that your morning cup of Joe is kept at its ideal temperature is the latest product from Ember: The Ceramic. make

Revealing my insecurity of chosen user name: I was drawn into it with my love of light opera and a riff on the markos thing: kos/cosette/barricades/phantom of the opera.get it? I thought it was pre.

A far cry from a few days ago when she was all gung-ho to move back in with him! Unfortunately, the cops had to politely inform Miz Mueller that she was at the wrong police department, as Charlie does.

Lambert asked the crowd to pass a money collection cup to help Storm gets some beer money. EC3 went for more cheap heat by calling Canada “America’s top hat”. On cue, the Canadian hero Petey Willia.

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Thanks to food and drug guidelines, just about every drug commercial on American TV is like this, with characters rattling off side-effects in "casual" conversation, sometimes (but surprisingly rarely) lampshaded when the other character will say "You sound like you’re trying to convince me to use it!" A Bamzu.com commercial features two people on a.

I am CajunBoyLgb and I’m a show queen. Well, partially reformed. I worked my way through college playing music for Pittsburgh-area theatres, singing here and there. I developed a love for Sondheim (an.

Now cue the revolutionaries. Tickets are $12 to $55/ information. its funky environment — and its revolutionary rebels mesh well with the radicals of "Les Miz." A show that granny might have rocked.

Content note: After the jump I mention Rape Threats Dudes Have Sent Me for saying what I think about creepy dudes. Dear Captain, Over the past several years I’ve drifted to the periphery of a friend group where one member is a sexist creep. I immediately found him slimy and pushy and off-putting upon meeting…

Doctors treating Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for a blood clot say the clot formed in her head but they stress that they are confident she will make a full recovery. posted: 12/31/2012 11.

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"Rachel has confided to friends about the stolen emails. She has no idea how they’ve been swiped but is aware of how much harm they can cause. She fears the spotlight will be well and truly back on he.